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Are you an Enbridge customer? We reveal just how much a furnace rental can save you in heating costs every year.

Almost two decades before Canadian Confederacy, Enbridge Gas (then known as Consumers Gas) was formed to provide quality service and natural gas to Canadian homes within Ontario. Almost two centuries later, Enbridge Gas services over two million consumers in Canada. This large coverage area has made furnace rentals a popular option for Enbridge customers looking to upgrade their natural gas furnace easily and affordably.

The amount of customers Enbridge has is not surprising considering the versatility of using natural gas. From heating your home, water, fireplace, BBQ or pool, finding a use for natural gas is as easy as taking a look around your home or business.

Enbridge services over 100 communities in Ontario. To find out if service is available in your area click on the interactive map. Homeowners and businesses in this area can benefit from installing a new high-efficiency ENERGY STAR furnace with FurnaceRental.com’s low-cost rent to own program.

Let’s first look at some of the benefits of upgrading to a new natural gas furnace (if you currently have oil or another heating system. Then we’ll examine how our low rate furnace rental program can make that switch easy!

A better home heating option with natural gas

With rising electricity costs, natural gas is an attractive option for home and business owners who want to keep their energy costs lower. With such substantial savings available, many home and business owners are considering converting to natural gas from alternative energy types. Not only does a conversion to natural gas offer savings on your energy bill, it also can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive for resale. Enbridge offers a conversion calculator in order to determine if the cost savings are worth a conversion investment.

How much could you save?

Here is an example of the savings of an average 1500-2000 sq. foot single detached home located east of Toronto with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a 50 gallon hot water tank housing a family of five.

Type of fuel Electricity Propane Oil
Annual Savings $2287 $1427 $2002
Switching to natural gas could save you: 69% 59% 67%
% more expensive than natural gas: 227% 142% 199%


The savings can be quite substantial. Although a conversion from electric baseboard heat to natural gas can cost upwards of $10 k, energy savings will continue over time and are in addition to any government rebate as well as the increase in value to your home. So if you save $2287 a year for 10 years you could save twice as much as the cost of conversion as well as add value to your home.

A better investment for Enbridge-area homes

But what about those who would like a high efficiency furnace but don’t have a large chunk of cash to invest? Well the good news is, there is another way to upgrade to a new heating system with absolutely no money down. Instead of financing a new heating system in a conventional way there is another option, renting your system.

The benefits of renting your furnace versus buying are numerous. First of all, most homeowners can be approved. That means that even if you have less than perfect credit, if you are a homeowner, you have a good chance of being approved.

Furnaces are also installed with no money down and ZERO upfront costs. This is a convenient option for those who face an unexpected furnace replacement they haven’t budgeted for.

Installation is included!

Not only can a new furnace be purchased with no money down, but it is also an option that comes with free installation with up to 15 feet of duct work, and free removal of your old unit. It truly is a great option if you’re strapped for cash.

Rent to Own = Hassle-free Maintenance

Even those with a positive cash flow will choose to rent rather than buy their heating or cooling systems for the many additional benefits the rental agreements offer. Annual maintenance is included in the rental at no extra charge!

By properly maintaining your heating or cooling unit, you are making sure it is running as efficiently as possible, saving as much as your can on your monthly heating costs.

In addition to free maintenance, you are also covered in the event that your heating or cooling unit requires repair or replacement. Instead of being stuck calling around to find the cheapest or closest available repair company, you simply make one call to the 24/7 helpline to be connected.

Attractive for resale

By installing a natural gas furnace you can also make your home more attractive to potential buyers. With rising electricity costs, more and more resale home buyers are looking for a high efficiency heating and cooling system in their next home. These agreements are easily transferred between current and future owners.

The predictability of a fixed monthly cost is a great asset for building your family or business budget. This is also a great option for landlords. The cost can be built into your monthly rent and the agreement can allow you to provide lower energy costs for tenants while providing an easier means of getting heating systems repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

Great for the budget

Renting versus buying your unit does not affect your eligibility for energy rebates. In Ontario you can receive up to $250 for the purchase and installation of a qualified heating unit and up to $400 for the installation of a qualified cooling unit. It is important to inquire about your eligibility prior to purchase to make sure you will qualify.

See how much you could save! Why not give us two minutes of your time?

Still not convinced? Why not give us two minutes to see just how much money a Enbridge customers can save with a furnace rental from FurnaceRental.com!

In as little as 120 seconds we can assess your heating or cooling needs and help you find the right heating or cooling unit with no upfront costs, flexible credit and free installation and removal of your old unit. It will only take a few minutes for you to add value to your home or business, make it more attractive for resale and begin lowering your energy costs.

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