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Stay cool all summer with a central air conditioner rental in Kitchener

Beating the summer heat

When it comes to managing a comfortable house in Ontario, there is no doubt that a central air conditioner is not only ideal, but often necessary during the many heat waves. According to the Canadian Environmental Health Atlas, heat wave mortality is expected to double by 2050 and triple by 2080.

Heat waves are described as a ‘silent killer’ because of the fact that it is something experienced but no visible, and that the symptoms from heat waves can hit the vulnerable sectors quickly and unexpectedly.

Your budget friendly solution

Environment Canada advises using a central air conditioner to provide a cool home to escape the heat in extreme temperatures. With an increased need for central air, there is now a more affordable way to have a brand-new high-efficiency central A/C put in your home.

By choosing to rent your central air conditioner you are not only getting a brand-new energy efficient unit, you are getting all the benefits that come with a rental agreement.

You get efficient home heating and cooling at a predictable cost, that makes budgeting easy!

The benefits of energy efficiency

By switching from an outdated unit to an energy efficient unit, you are able to start saving on your energy bills as well as on your environmental impact. When looking for energy efficiency on a central air system there is a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating system.

The higher the rating, the more you can save on your energy bills. Not only are lower bills a perk of a new energy efficient system, but you can qualify for a government rebate as well.

Making the impossible, possible

Along with the possibility of some extra cash in your pocket, an air conditioner rental in Kitchener can also provide great piece of mind. One of the biggest obstacles to getting a high-quality cooling system in your home is the initial cost.

By choosing to rent your system, you are able to get a brand-new system in your home as soon as the next day. You also qualify for free installation and we can even remove your old unit at no extra cost to you.

No matter your credit, as long as you own your property, you are almost automatically approved.

Maintenance and service are covered

Maintaining your savings is a breeze with a rental. Regular maintenance is included in your agreement so that we can keep your unit working as efficiently as possible, maximizing your savings for years to come.

The biggest difference between renting and traditional financing methods is what happens when your heating or cooling system stops functioning properly. With traditional financing, this is the time when you start panicking, and calling every company you can find to find the best price from an honest company.

The next step is to try and find some money to pay the HVAC professionals to come fix or even, gulp, replace your unit. With a furnace or air conditioner rental, you never have to worry about costly out of pocket repairs! We provide all our clients with an emergency line where they can reach us seven days a week.

With a simple phone call, we put you on a list for expedited service so we can fix your issue as soon as possible. When we come to fix your unit, it is at no cost to you. That’s right, all service calls are included in your rental. If we can fix it, we will replace it at no extra cost.

Furnace & AC rental help Kitchener homeowners save on their heating and cooling

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