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Discover the benefits of a propane furnace rental

 When it comes to propane, many may think of their outdoor barbecue. Yet in reality, this widely available clean burning fuel source has many benefits.

As the sixth largest producer of propane in the world, Canada supplies 3.5 per cent of the world’s propane using approximately half of that domestically. Propane also has the lowest flammability rating of any alternative fuel and leaks are easily detected by the distinctive ‘rotten egg’ smell.

Whether you are looking for a clean and affordable energy source for your home or business, you can’t go wrong with environmentally friendly propane. Cleaner than gas and cheaper than oil or electricity, propane is an ideal choice for your furnace rental.

Let’s explore some popular myths about propane heating:

Propane is expensive:


With up to 98 per cent efficiency and a low cost per litre, propane is not only an economical way to heat your home, but it is also an easy way to reduce carbon emissions. The wide availability of propane has allowed the fuel price to be stabilized. This versatile fuel is widely available and accessible.

Propane is unsafe:


Like any heating system, when installed and used properly, propane furnaces are very safe. Propane furnaces use a venting system to keep any harmful gases safely away. Most propane furnaces also offer an automatic fuel shut off to make it even safer. If liquid propane was to spill, it will vaporize and dissipate into the air requiring no clean up. Liquid propane will not contaminate the water or soil.

Propane systems are big and ugly:


Whether you are heating your home or business, propane furnaces are an optimal choice. Their sleek and compact units are easily accommodated. And furthermore the propane tank can often be placed in an inconspicuous area or even partially underground.

How do I know if a propane rental is right for me?

Rising energy costs can make a fuel type conversion for their home an attractive prospect. While switching from oil or electric heat to a propane furnace will lower energy bills, there are many factors to consider.

Environmental impact- Propane furnaces often operate at a much higher efficiency rate. This not only saves you money on your heating costs, but it also helps reduce harmful emissions making it more environmentally friendly.

Resale value – A high efficiency propane furnace not only is an attractive option for the current homeowners, but it can also increase the resale value. When you upgrade to a new propane furnace rental, the agreement can easily be passed down between owners so both are able to enjoy the benefits.

Space savings – A new propane furnace is compact, saving you valuable living space for your family, rather than an outdated system.

Reliability – Propane is more dependable than electric heat. Safely stored on your own property, propane is available where and when you need it. Electricity falls prey to outages.

Can my home support a propane furnace?

A new propane furnace comes with two separate parts. A high efficiency furnace system and a tank for holding your propane reserves. The tank can be buried on your property or paced adjacent to your home.

The biggest question that comes with a fuel conversion is whether or not your home has existing duct work. If you currently have an outdated oil or electric forced air furnace, your conversion may be more straight-forward.

If you currently have an electric or boiler system with no duct work in place, you are likely looking at a more complicated conversion. Even if this is your current situation, it doesn’t mean a switch is not beneficial. Consider these economic benefits:

  • Per litre the cost of propane tends to be cheaper than either electricity or oil. When you factor in the extended lifespan of a propane furnace versus an electric heat pump choosing propane over electricity saves an average of 30 per cent over electricity and 25 per cent over oil.
  • Propane furnaces last longer than electric heat pumps

Propane is a very common heating fuel in Canada for homeowners.

While converting to a propane furnace can come with additional costs, there is a way to not only get an energy efficient propane furnace, but to do it without any additional installation fees.

An easier conversion to propane

When you choose to rent rather than purchase your new system outright, not only are installation costs included with up to 15 feet up duct work, but we will also remove your old unit at no additional charge.

Not only does your rental agreement cover basic installation costs, but it continues to cover your system for regular maintenance. That means that we will keep making sure that your unit is working as efficiently as possible for the lifetime of your system.

Worry-free maintenance and service

When a problem with your heating system can be a nightmare for most people, clients with a rental agreement don’t need to sweat over a mid-winter breakdown. Not only does the rental agreement cover your installation and maintenance, but it also covers any required service as well. Clients can simply call the emergency line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get expedited service. Gone are the days of calling around for the best price. With your rental agreement all your service calls are covered. If we can’t fix it, we will replace it. For free.

Call now to be instantly qualified

So what’s the catch? Luckily there isn’t one. If you are a homeowner, you are qualified. If you are a business owner, you are qualified. This program has flexible approval for homeowners. You simply need to own your own residence or business and you can be qualified over the phone in just a few minutes. Why not call today? All it takes is a few minutes and all you have to lose are those high energy bills.

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