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Union Gas spans a wide swath across Ontario. That’s why homeowners in these areas can count on us to provide affordable low-cost ENERGY STAR natural gas furnaces with our Union Gas customer furnace rentals.

When it comes to quality gas distribution, transportation and storage, few can compare to Union Gas. Servicing over 1.4 million residential, industrial and commercial facilities in over 400 communities, this Ontario-based company offers over 100 years of experience to its customers.

Originally founded in 1911, Union Gas is the result of a merger of three gas companies and was recognized as one of Canada’s top 100 Best Employers in 2016. The company has assets over $7.2 billion and employs approximately 2,300 people.

Union Gas is located in Sarnia, Ontario and serves over 400 communities in Ontario.

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No money? No problem!

Unfortunately, there isn’t always money available to upgrade to newer and more energy efficient systems. Luckily, there is a way for homeowners to still be able to take advantage of lower energy bills and energy rebates no matter what they have in their bank account. In fact, even those with good, bad or low credit are automatically approved as long as they own their home.

All you pay is a flat monthly rate starting as low as $60/mth for a new high-efficiency gas furnace rental for Union Gas customers.

Our rent to own program has nearly 100% acceptance regardless of credit situation.

Union Gas Rentals – An affordable new way to heat and cool your home

Seem too good to be true? Luckily it’s not. Instead of purchasing your new furnace or air conditioner, you are now able to rent the units. That means for a nominal fee you not only get a brand new high efficiency furnace and or air conditioning system, but you get the peace of mind that comes with included maintenance and service.

Don’t be afraid to breakdown

By choosing to rent instead of buying your new system, Union Gas customers no longer have to worry about middle of winter furnace breakdowns or trying to find someone to fix your air conditioner in the middle of during a heat wave. Instead you have emergency priority servicing.

So while others are placing call after call to find a solution to their heating or cooling issues, you make one call to schedule a repair person to come to your home free of charge. If the unit is unable to be repaired it will be replaced, for free!

Annual Maintenance for Your Gas Furnace

In addition to repair service, your rental includes maintenance costs. That means that you can have your unit regularly cleaned and maintained to keep it running as efficiently as possible. When was the last time you gave your current heating or cooling system a check up?

A great tool for business and property owners

The worst thing for a family or business budget is a large unexpected expense. Unfortunately, these big costs tend to happen at the worst times. By renting a brand new heating and cooling system, you can knock two worries off your list and help keep your budget balanced all year long.

A built in predictable heating and cooling cost is a great tool for business and property owners. The ability to be able to build an annual budget without the worry of unexpected heating or cooling costs is invaluable.

Instead of wasting countless business hours trying to price compare, service and maintenance scheduling calls can easily be handled by office managers.

Property owners are easily able to build the rental costs into their monthly rent. This gives the benefit of lower energy bills for the tenants as well as an easy way for both parties to feel secure that any issues with the equipment can be serviced quickly and easily.

Want to lower your energy costs?

With costs rising and budgets getting tighter and tighter, many property owners are interested in lowering their energy bills. Natural gas is safe, clean and reliable. While the cost of living has soared in the last 10 years, natural gas rates have actually gone down. By switching to natural gas you can save up to $2500 a year compared to oil, propane or electric heat. Those savings could go even higher with the introduction of natural gas appliances such as barbecues and stoves.

Union Gas furnace savings

Add value and get paid for it

With Ontario’s rising energy costs, properties with high efficiency heating and cooling systems are more attractive to buyers. Adding a new furnace or air conditioning system with no money down is an easy way to add value to your home. The best part is the rental agreement is easily transferred to the new owners so they will be able to receive the same benefits.

In addition to adding value to your home, a high efficiency heating or cooling unit can qualify you for government rebates of up to $650 for replacing your furnace and AC, PLUS up to $2500 from Union Gas (call us for details).

Often these rebates can be applied for on your behalf but this must be done before the installation of the new equipment. Click here to see what you can qualify for.

Why not give us a call?

Still not convinced? If you’re a Union Gas customer… Why not take two minutes out of your day to find out how exactly you could benefit from upgrading your heating and cooling system to a low-cost rent to own system? The call is free and you are under no obligation.

It only takes a couple of minutes for a call that could save you money, increase the value of your home and even put money back in your pocket from the government. What do you have to lose besides sky high energy bills and a rusty, dusty furnace and air conditioner?

The sooner you call the sooner you can start to save!